24 Sep
  • The Internet technology engineering business group of gambling Group specializes in the development of online gaming platforms. The core members have more than 10 years of successful Web technology development and business development experience, integrating e-commerce, financial technology, cloud computing, etc. Elite, we are good at using new technologies to solve customer problems, and can provide additional value beyond customer needs. We use modern technology to expand into modern mobile phones, device type packages: Android and iOS Iphone, we are not only committed to technology research and development With innovation, it has more than ten years of gaming industry project management solutions, has the most mature R & D team and forward-looking platform operation concepts, and has been providing technical support for gaming platforms around the world for many years, and has won high praise in the industry. And reputation.
  • The gambling group long-term belief is to help customers succeed and bring the greatest benefits to customers is the value of our existence. As an online gaming solution service provider, focusing on technology research and development to meet customer needs is the basis for our industry-leading and growing growth.
  • We are well aware of the rapidly changing and diversified needs of today’s market, with user experience as the core development concept, and satisfying the different needs of customers through original technology. We have more than 100 gaming games and tailor-made online entertainment for customers. Platform, to enter the market with the fastest speed to seize the opportunity.
  • We have a military-grade database center, a professional self-built computer room equipped with the highest-end specifications servers, switches, and high-end firewalls. 24-hour uninterruptible power supply and high-end water cooling system provide long-term support for our cluster service system. Smart scheduling across the network , Load balancing, automatic separation of dynamic and static, etc., can fully cope with the blowout of high traffic caused by the surge of visitors.
  • Security technology is the foundation for the upward development of the entire industry. We adopt an internationally leading kernel-level drive encryption system and high-defense CDN, high-defense hidden source server IP, 100% guarantee system security, and comprehensively resist any type of DDoS or CC attacks. High-efficiency WAF protection engine, to achieve protection against various types of SQL injection, linking horses, hotlinking, tampering, hacker automation programs and other attacks.
  • The 7X24-hour online technical service staff provides you with troubleshooting and operation and maintenance support, and provides you with answering questions throughout the process. We have professionally trained high-quality customer service and technical support personnel to provide you with real-time answers, from access platform to operation and maintenance, there are professional independent customer service for you 24 hours a day.
  • We provide each customer with an independent and stable high-performance server and database system, exclusive high-speed bandwidth, to ensure that your platform services are efficient and stable. It is distributed in 30 places around the world and up to more than 600 high-speed buffer nodes in the country to achieve near-dead-coverage services. Each CDN node is composed of load balancing equipment and cache server. It is not a traditional node forwarding technology. Instead, through intelligent distribution, your online customers can automatically access the nearest high-speed node to enjoy a smooth game experience and meet the speedy access needs of users in different regions.
  • 918kiss4u is an open and highly extensible platform that allows operators to easily connect third-party game product installation packages and manage them under a completely unified operating system, helping you download on our website with the most trouble-free, worry-free and time The game you want (easy).

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