31 Mar

You may not know the tips for 918kiss online casinos, I'm not sure if this trick will help you, but you can try it, please read below.

1. Before you get your free bonus, please adjust your bet.

2. If the game you played didn't win, try other games and don't invest all your money in one game, because this won't give you more victory.

3. Please try uninstalling the application and then installing the application again, if possible, try formatting your phone to factory settings.

4. Please try to fill in the suggestion form and tell him your needs.

5. Don't be attracted by a lot of jackpots, because the amount is not real, it should be random and won't get the exact amount of jackpot

6. Do not deposit the same amount.

7. Do not withdraw small amounts all the time, the system may check that your account is low and the system will be set to fail to win.

credit by : m-918kiss.com

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